Our Beers

The Brewmeister Way… Our Beers are
made with rock filtered water from our very own
private well… providing purity at its best

We are different from the mass produced and bland corporate beers. Brewmeister’s range of beers are full of flavour
and character, produced in our craft brewhouse in Speyside, a region renowned for producing the best whiskies in the world.
Using the finest malts and hops, our own cultivated yeast and rock filtered water from our private well, we know that
our beer is something you can be proud to drink and sell in your bars.

The Range

Scottish Lager

A crisp yet smooth golden lager made with our private rock filtered water.

Supersonic IPA

A US style beer which is amber in colour. Hops are added three times during the brewing process which gives a fruity nose and taste. Notes of cherry, pineapple and grapes.


A ruby coloured beer which is both sweet and strong. Notes of bubblegum, cherry and apples.

Black Hawk

A rich stout which is completely black in colour. Indonesian espresso coffee is added just before bottling which leaves a strong and pleasant flavour which compliments the chocolate.

Neon Blonde

A golden beer made with a range of special malts. Notes of toffee, nuts, orange and lemon. Bottle carbonated and best served chilled.


German style wheat beer with honey added. The strain of yeast used for this beer provides a strong flavour of banana. The beer is cloudy, because of the billions of tiny yeast cells left in the beer.